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Today’s Wisdom Key

Deception does not herald Favor. True favor, which comes from God, propels you into greatness and takes you places you otherwise could not have travelled. Achieving goals by means of deceit is only temporary as the plummet is inevitable. You may hide from other human beings, but you cannot hide from God, so Honesty is still the best policy. Having a good moral compass is what heralds in life-long blessings and favor that will astound you.


Today’s Wisdom Key

If you are truly determined that you will not live a defeated life, you won’t. You will overcome each and every obstacle and you will succeed.

Today’s Wisdom Key

Unfortunately, many people live their lives trying to be someone else. What they don’t understand is that every person is a truly unique individual. In other words: You are uniquely you. If God wanted you to be just like others, He would have made robots instead of human beings. Embrace who you are as a special individual who has something to offer this world that no one else quite has. You can aspire to do good and excel as others have, but recognize also the goodness and talents within yourself. Use what you have been given to follow your own destiny and purpose in life that others can someday admire. Your purpose in life bears your name only. It is uniquely yours just as you are uniquely you.

Wisdom KeysForLIFE (Colored-WITH MIDDLE NAME)

Wisdom Key

You can never stand out if you’re only comfortable among the crowd. Exceptional people (those that find levels of achievement beyond the ‘norm’) hardly ever fit in. Your ability and willingness to think ‘outside of the box’ will cause you to stand out in a way that will inspire many.