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Today’s Wisdom Key

People are usually afraid of what they do not understand. Imagine the awesome blessings that sailed right past us throughout life because of close-mindedness.

Don’t Worry About Your Haters and Those Who Have Wronged You!

Choose right now to enjoy this day. Embrace the good, reject the negative; don’t worry about your haters and those who have wronged you. They have their own sorry road to travel. Keep doing the right thing. You’re on the road to blessings and success.



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What A Shame!

I’ve seen some people with great talent go nowhere in life because their biggest setback and obstacle to forward progression and guaranteed success was having a deceitful mind-set and a conniving personality. It’s more than a tragedy when exceptionally talented people are really their own worst enemy.

Something to reflect on…

Today’s Wisdom Key

Love is comprised of sacrifice. Without sacrifice, there is no love – whether it is between parents and children, brothers and sisters, spouses or friends. It sometimes requires putting the other person ahead of yourself.

Today’s Wisdom Key

Your sincere acts of kindness always return to you someday in some way. Those who take advantage of your kind heart only stagnate themselves and many times make their own dreams an impossibility instead of a reality. Your kindness is not without reward and their evil is not without deserved consequence. Continue to live well and do well in spite of those who do not mean you well.

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Happy Easter!

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Take some time to reflect on the season. Love genuinely, sacrificially and unconditionally.

Have a safe and Happy Easter!




Today’s Wisdom Key

Do you see the glass as being “half-empty” or “half-full”? How you view your life is based pretty much on that very concept. Do you choose to focus on the blessings and all you have in this world to be grateful for? Or do you choose to dwell on the past and present hurts, disappointments and regrets? Whichever of those choices you make affects the mere “quality” of your existence, as your life obediently travels in the direction of your thoughts.