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Today’s Wisdom Key

Constantly making excuses for someone’s bad/atrocious behavior doesn’t show how understanding you are, but instead how gullible. When someone shows you who they really are…believe them.


Today’s Wisdom Key

Have a great day, everyone. Make the most of it no matter what! Each day, regardless of circumstances, is a gift.

Today’s Wisdom Key

When a person’s conscience is “dead”, they can do anything to anyone without losing a wink of sleep. The only time that conscience “re-awakens” is when they’re on the receiving end of a brutal misdeed such as what they’ve dished out. And that misdeed ultimately finds them. 😉

Today’s Wisdom Key

Although I don’t know you, if you’re hurt I rush to help you because I realize despite our obvious differences, you are the same as I am. We are One Family – The Human Race. 😉
Tanya R. Taylor

Today’s Wisdom Key

Being human, we tend to want to “rush” success. But success cannot be rushed – it’s a process.

Today’s Featured Author – Tanya R. Taylor

Featured today on Susan Leigh Noble’s blog. Thank you so much, Susan. 😊

Into Another World

Today I welcome Tanya R. Taylor to my blog. Her latest book, The Contract: Murder in the Bahamas, is the fifth in her The Cornelius Saga and was released earlier this month.


Daniel J. Smith, a forty-eight-year-old colored man, sat alone in the diner across the street from Tinnedale Hospital. He was of medium height and build, which edged closer to the broader side of the scale, but handsome, nonetheless, by many accounts. The clear eye-glasses sat comfortably on the bridge of his nose as he perused the morning newspaper.

Glancing above the daily, he observed a man in a long, white coat a few tables away and a woman wearing a dark blue outfit with high-heeled shoes to match. A younger man sat a couple of tables down. He appeared to be just staring into space as he sipped his hot chocolate, the steam of which steadily…

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Today’s Wisdom Key

“It’s always nice to have good friends who can cheer you up … and calm you down.” Fay Knowles