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Today’s Wisdom Key

It’s much easier to give up than to press on. But how easy would it be to live with yourself not knowing what you might have achieved if you didn’t take the easy way out? During the struggle along the rugged journey of life, the best motivation is to keep your eyes on the prize.


Today’s Wisdom Key- (Trust)

Trust is something that can save your life or cause you to lose it. Who you choose to place your trust in should be one that has been time-tested, survived the ups and downs and who stuck with you when no one else did. However, even then you must be careful as people are imperfect beings and fall weak at times just like you do. One hundred percent trust should be reserved for God. It is never wise to trust everyone, but at the same time neither is it to trust no one.

Today’s Wisdom Key

After having been dealt with wrongly or unfairly, it is so tempting within our human nature to respond likewise to our offender. However, taking the high road is a much honorable position as it demonstrates not only to yourself, but also to the other person that you will not descend to their level. Be cool, be calm, be assured that Nothing has ever happened that God did not see.

Today’s Wisdom Key & Your FREE Ebook

The absence of hope is a major cause of depression. The fact that one’s circumstances appear bleak and unchangeable feeds what, in the mind, is a personal reality. However, true hope and faith glares in the face of one’s dismal surroundings, painful plights and seemingly insurmountable challenges. As long as one can envision a brighter future, his hope remains alive and becomes the vehicle which will take him toward that future reality. Steady hope in the midst of trials will ultimately make the seemingly impossible – possible.


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Today’s Wisdom Key

It’s not what others think of you that really matters. Ultimately, it’s what you think of yourself. The danger with that is when you don’t have a healthy personal perspective – whether you think too lowly or too highly of yourself. If you see yourself the way God sees you, you will ultimately be all that He created you to be.

Today’s Wisdom Key

A bad attitude can keep you down better and longer than any external force. Sadly, so few people take the time to check themselves.

Today’s Wisdom Key

When a person’s conscience is “dead”, they can do anything to anyone without losing a wink of sleep. The only time that conscience “re-awakens” is when they’re on the receiving end of a brutal misdeed such as what they’ve dished out. And that misdeed ultimately finds them. 😉