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Don’t Worry About Your Haters and Those Who Have Wronged You!

Choose right now to enjoy this day. Embrace the good, reject the negative; don’t worry about your haters and those who have wronged you. They have their own sorry road to travel. Keep doing the right thing. You’re on the road to blessings and success.



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Today’s Wisdom Key

If you are truly determined that you will not live a defeated life, you won’t. You will overcome each and every obstacle and you will succeed.

Today’s Wisdom Key

When dealing with especially challenging problems and circumstances, your attitude – while going through – often dictates how much longer you may be in it. Maintaining a good attitude paves the pathway for goodness to flow through.

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Today’s Wisdom Key

If you cannot uplift someone, don’t risk the repercussions attached to trying to bring them down. Malicious behavior always finds its way back to you in one form or the other. If you examine yourself and acknowledge your own short-comings, you would not have the mindset or heart to judge what you deem to be the missteps of another.

Today’s Wisdom Key

If this is you: “I try so hard, but sometimes I just want to give up.” Don’t! Every day is not the same. Tomorrow holds great possibilities. The truth is: We don’t know when things will get better, but rest assured that whatever the circumstance, it is subject to change. An easy life was never promised to anyone. Hold on. You are stronger than you think.

Today’s Wisdom Key

Your self-worth is not defined by anyone’s perception of you. Their opinions carry no weight as far as your ability to achieve is concerned. It’s what you think of yourself that will either stagnate you or move you progressively toward your destiny.



Today’s Wisdom Key:

Not everyone will understand you or your life’s purpose, but once you know what that is, never feel pressured to make anyone else understand. Your purpose is for you to recognize and for you to fulfill.


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