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Today’s Wisdom Key

Achieving one’s dream is never easy. It’s a rocky road filled with challenges along the way. However, those who are not afraid of hard work will eventually find themselves on a much smoother surface – living their dreams, but realizing it’s even greater than they’ve ever imagined it would be.


Sunbeams From The Heart

“Sunbeams from the Heart – A Collection of Twelve Romantic Short Stories” recently featured in “The Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser”, Clackmannanshire, Scotland, as “Stories with a romantic tale”! Alloa is near Stirling, where I was born.

“Sunbeams from the Heart” is proving popular around the world. “I read the book in one sitting today,” wrote an Amazon reviewer. “I found the book to be so delightful because Short stories you can read and not have to wait until you have time to finish the book, you can go back and start a new one. Her descriptions of The Bahamas and Scotland were brilliant. I can’t wait to get her new book. I love short stories and she will publish a new one soon, I hope.”

The Bahamas and Scotland are also the main settings in my upcoming romantic suspense novel “Love at Sunset”, along with scenes in Fort Lauderdale, New York, London and Devon. The novel grew out of my short story of the same name, first published in “The Lady” magazine, London, England, and now featured in “Sunbeams from the Heart”.

“Sunbeams from the Heart” is available as an e-book and in paperback (regular and large print) from Amazon online stores around the world.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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Fay Knowles,
Nassau, Bahamas


“Stories with a romantic tale”




Today’s Wisdom Key

Everyone may not understand your dream or your passion and they don’t have to. It’s perfectly okay because it’s your dream and your passion – not theirs. You don’t need anyone’s approval to dream and to pursue, and dare not make any excuses for doing so. Live life boldly, shun the critics and naysayers, and explore the endless possibilities.

Long Island, Bahamas Property

Someone has this beautiful property for sale. I don’t usually post about real estate here, but this property is absolutely beautiful. Check out the link :

Tip #8 – Allow Your Thoughts to Freely Flow

Source: Tip #8 – Allow Your Thoughts to Freely Flow

Today’s Wisdom Key

After having been dealt with wrongly or unfairly, it is so tempting within our human nature to respond likewise to our offender. However, taking the high road is a much honorable position as it demonstrates not only to yourself, but also to the other person that you will not descend to their level. Be cool, be calm, be assured that Nothing has ever happened that God did not see.

Today’s Wisdom Key

Having discernment can be a great protector. It reveals to you what others don’t realize you know and shields you from deceit that is on the inside of them past the smiles and friendly faces. Discernment can be your best friend.