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She Was Rejected By Her Own Family…

You never know who you are raising and you may be surprised what their purpose is in life.

INFESTATION: A Small Town Nightmare was #4 yesterday on HOT NEW RELEASES in the Inspirational Religious Fiction category (Amazon). For anyone who’s ever felt rejected or misunderstood–especially in your own family, this one’s for you. Also, for those interested in the paranormal & supernatural, you can’t miss this.


Screenshot_ infestation#4  HOT NEW RELEASE


MOST WISHED FOR in Family & Relationships – Dysfunctional Families

MOST WISHED FOR in Family & Relationships – Dysfunctional Families.

Marriage / Relationship Problems?? Thirteen-year-old Mira can help. 🙂


Today’s Wisdom Key

Your greatest lessons often come as a result of your greatest pain. In that pain, could lie your greatest treasure. Use what you’ve learnt to improve yourself and to positively impact those around you. Never waste your pain.